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Variations to Minimum Advertising Requirements (LMIA)

Employers who wish to hire foreign workers in the following categories are subject to a variation in the advertising requirements for a

Labour Market Impact Assessment.

See below for a list of employment situations for which the usual advertising requirement for a LMIA do not apply. In certain situations, the variation(s) may only apply to a certain province or provinces.

Academics (University Professors)

The position is for an academic and is not covered by any other applicable Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption. Foreign workers who need a work permit, but do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment, include:

The employer must conduct recruitment efforts as per the following: 1)Advertise vacant positions in Canada; Make sure any vacant position advertised abroad is also advertised simultaneously in Canada; 2)Advertise for a reasonable length of time (about a month) to allow broad 3)exposure of the vacancy to Canadians and permanent residents; 4)Demonstrate that the advertising medium used (web, print or electronic) is 5)effective in attracting appropriate candidates for the position; 6)Include in the advertisement this statement: "All qualified candidates are 7)encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority"; 8)Meet all conditions of applicable collective agreements; 9)Outline the educational institution's hiring decision and providing summaries of Canadian applicants verified by the vice-president (academic) or other senior academic official of the educational institution; and Be prepared to fill a yearly summary report on recruitment practices for Canadian academics and results.

Camp Counsellors


The position is for a camp counsellor who will be working in Ontario.


The employer must provide documentation (e.g. job offer letters) showing efforts to hire Canadian campers from the previous year and a commitment in writing. Moreover, the employer should commit to pursue Spring recruitment campaigns in high schools and post-secondary institutions.


Ontario only

Warranty Work


When the work entails installation, inspection or repair of equipment, and the terms of the warranty require the work to be done by skilled workers designated by the manufacturer.


No advertising or recruitment is required.

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